Here is a small selection of testimonials from many letters praising the benefits of the Spiral, Pendant and MPC.

Leslie Kenton
Pembrokeshire, Wales, was editor of Harpers and Queen Magazine for 14 years and is an internationally famous health Guru, Author and Broadcaster on Women’s subjects. Author of “Passage To Power” and “Journey To Freedom” and many books on diet and health
“I have followed Clive Beadon’s work for many, many years, watching the Spiral of Tranquility™go through many changes, each time I believe, becoming more effective. I am delighted you have continued with Clive’s work. Being someone who travels a quarter of a million miles on jet planes a year, I must say that I delight in the help that the Spiral of Tranquility™Pendant gives me while I am travelling. I certainly recommend it to others in avoiding jet lag and maintaining mental and physical balance. I highly recommend it to anyone”.

Russell Vaughan
Managing Director, “Supreme” Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Neptune House, Sycamore Trading Estate, Squires Gate Lane, Blackpool, Lancashire FY4 3RL.
“…We moved to the new “Supreme” Manufacturing plant (74,000sq. ft) on 31st March 2001 and you can appreciate that with the dismantling and re-commissioning of the plant machinery, had a few teething troubles. However, our problems seemed to get worse. Machinery just would not work correctly, some machines ended up back with the manufacturer to be modified even though they worked fine at the old plant. Personnel seemed so unhappy even though their working conditions had improved dramatically with state of the art facilities, a new canteen with Internet access, Sky TV, subsidised food and free drinks. Basically we seemed to have a serious problem….
We were prescribed 4 Spirals and 120 MPC chips for the PC’s and mobile phones and other electronic equipment. The parcel arrived on the Wednesday and almost immediately a calm rained over my office. Two days later, I carried out instructions and placed the crystals/gemstones as recommended and straight away there was a calm throughout the whole building. Over the last 4 weeks there has been a marked improvement all round, people are friendlier towards each other, communication between departments has improved and turnover in June was up by 35%. There has been a continued improvement at “Supreme”. Our July turnover increased by 40%, quite remarkable. Let’s see what the bottom line is when the audited accounts are completed but in general all personnel seem to be extremely happy, I would even say happier than they have ever been…”

Tom Griffin
Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Director & Co-Founder of the Plexus Bio-Energy Institute. See >>> for more details.
“I have found the Spiral of Tranquility™products enhance our work of Bio-Energy therapy which is the most advanced method of treating the human energy field. I have found these products excellent in correcting the environment where people first become ill as a result of energy distortion i.e. where they sleep, work or spend a lot of time. I highly recommend these products for use by our trained Therapists at their clinics to enhance their therapy work and also to our clients.”

Major Improvement in health of dairy herd and milk test (SCC) results from 900,000 to 220,000 due to Spiral product.

To whom it may concern,
I am a progressive dairy farmer who expanded my herd and built a new milking parlour. I then had serious quality problems with milk and stock.
At this new milking parlour I had great difficulties getting cows in and out and I can only describe the herd’s reaction there as very distressed with health deterioration as time went on. I had serious quality problems with milk testing (SCC) averaging between 800,000 and 900,000.
I had spent a lot of money trying to resolve this problem with no success.
I was then advised to check out Geopathic Stress meaning health damaging radiation in the milking parlour and was lucky to hear about the Spiral of Tranquility™ products.
I placed a “Spiral” product in the milking parlour and was amazed to notice a calmer herd after a few days. After a few weeks the milk (SCC) test result was reduced to a staggering 220,000.
The subsequent health of my stock has improved considerably e.g. out of 70 cows calved in a recent 6 week period I lost 1 calf. At the height of my problems over a similar period, out of 70 cows calved, I lost 5 cows and 12 calves.
My Veterinary expenses have more than halved since resolving this problem.
My own health was affected during this difficult time and I now wear a Spiral of Tranquility™ “Pendant” to protect my health at all times and I feel so much better.
I am delighted with these improvements and would recommend the Spiral of Tranquility™ products to anyone.
C. L., Dairy Farmer, Co. Galway, Ireland.

WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT THE PENDANT FOR jet lag and other symptoms.

K. E., UK
I’m thrilled with the benefits of your products. On a recent 13 hour flight to Vietnam, and return, I found my Pendant really helped to reduce Jetlag significantly.

S. O’S., Waterford, Ireland.
“I am amazed at the benefit the Spiral of Tranquility™ Pendant has brought me. I suffered from a constant eyelid twitch whenever I was in the vicinity of a Mobile Phone Transmission Mast and since I started to wear the Pendant I no longer have that twitch. This has brought a fantastic change to my life.
Many thanks for your help“.

Dear Micheal,
I have recently returned from a trip to Australia to visit my daughter and family. I felt that I must write to say how effective I found the “Spiral of Tranquility™Pendant” during and after all the travelling. I wore the Pendant on a chain round my neck for the whole journey and found myself much more relaxed during the long flight (22 hours!) and I did not suffer from the dreaded jet-lag at all neither upon my arrival nor nor my return home. Whilst in Australia, my daughter and I took part in a horse event and, to get there, had to drive, towing the horse trailer, for several hours on dirt roads in a terrific thunderstorm. I remained pretty unflappable throughout, causing my daughter to remark “can’t think why your so calm, Mum”. I honestly think that it may have been due to the fact that I was again wearing the Pendant round my neck.
This is actually the second time that I have worn the Pendant on a flight to Australia. The first was 6 years ago. That time, I wore it only for the actual flights and again did not suffer from jet-lag. This later trip does, I think, prove that the effect is genuine.

With best wishes,

Okehampton, U.K.

To Whom it may concern:

My name is Jenny McGann and I am an Amatsu Therapist which is, to the uninitiated a Body Work Therapy that has its origins in the Japanese Martial Arts. I work with Spatial relationships and Linear and Non-Linear patterns within the connective tissue, neural pathways, muscles, ligaments, and generally with the soft tissues of the body.

10 months ago Mary (not her real name) came to me with very weak muscles and severe pain. Nothing I did seemed to make enough of a difference to her, so she was continually returning. 4 months ago I felt I had to change my work practice with her, I performed a few tests and found that it was her Electrical System that was the problem and I just happened to ask her whether she lived underneath an electricity pylon. She said she did, she was aware it wasn’t optimal, but she had little choice. I said she needed something to counteract the magnetic Electrical bombardment. An acquaintance of Mary’s happened to have a spiral and said she would loan it to Mary to see if it made a difference. The next time Mary came back to me there was a remarkable change in her physical body. All her muscles were energized, she was a lot calmer and was coping with the stress in her life much better. The change in her was so great I insisted we research where we could find this spiral and get them for ourselves. We found Kieran O’Kelly in Galway on the internet and ordered both a Spiral for her house and a personal pendant as well. I ordered the same for myself.

I started to use a spiral in my clinic and found that it not only worked on an electrical level, but also on an emotional, physical and environmental level. The one thing the pendant seemed to do to all who wore it, was to re-energize them and they needed less sleep. But as well as the Re-energizing, it works very individually on people, it seems to correct whatever is needed in each individual. My sister, who had been waking each night with panic attacks for years now has none. A friend had a restricted thumb, as soon as she started wearing a pendant the thumb motion regained full movement. My son has been suffering from tiredness and lack of energy for the past 5 years. He now wears the pendant and can go through a day without falling asleep – something he has not been able to do for years. We now have a Spiral in the house as well as wearing the pendant. My brother-in-law, whose job would entail a lot of use of the mobile phone, finds the pendant counteracts the electrical effects of the mobile phone, and his energy is much better.

I would wholeheartedly encourage anyone with low energy to wear a pendant and have the spiral in their home or workplace.

Yours, Jenny McGann
17 Ballyowen Green, Lucan, Co. Dublin

My name is Xavier Vercaemst and I work part time in an IT company as well as in my own Healing business. I am mainly working with healing modalities like Amatsu, Reiki and Quantum Touch.
As you can see I work with both computers and bodies, how strange that may sound. Both of these are electrical systems that can sometimes drain my own energy when not protecting myself enough. After a whole day of work in an IT company and in my own healing practice I would feel quite tired….until discovering the Spiral of Tranquility™ products!
They really made the difference. I have no more headaches from talking long hours on the phone /mobile. Feeling more energized after a day of hard work as opposed to quite drained when forgetting to wear my Pendant. My healing practice has a more dynamic feel to it as if there hangs a really great atmosphere in the air. Overall these amazing products have changed my personal and work life for the better.
I am very grateful to have been introduced to Kieran. I honestly would love people to be aware of these products as they are a great help in everyday life!
Xavier Vercaemst, Dublin.

Mrs. S. J., Essex.
“I keep the Spiral in the office – amazing the changes”.

Mrs. R. G., Switzerland.
“The Spiral I got from you does improve the atmosphere in the Video Studio at my work place”.

S.W. G., Newcastle.
“We cannot express enough our gratitude for your devices – my wife has been ill for years now, and her disability was increasing steadily. Now we can hope for a more creative life for her and only wish we had known of possible cause earlier (underground water courses)”.

L. T., East Grinstead.
“It has already done a very good job by freeing my daughter from a prolonged attack of M.E.”.

Mrs. E. N., Ipswich.
“My daughter gets easily upset and irritated – two days after the Spiral arrived she suddenly changed and accepts everything much more happily”.

Sister L. A., Convent in Northern Ireland.
“I have to tell you that as several Sisters pointed out, there never was such a stress – free chapter. Everything goes unbelievably well – a few heard about the Spiral and were very impressed”.

G. C., Cork
“The muscle deterioration in parts of my body has stopped and reversed back to almost the original size since installing the Spiral. This has saved my life”.

U. M., Galway.
“Since the Spiral was put into my home I can enjoy a nights sleep after 25 years of unrest”.