Dear Micheal,
I have recently returned from a trip to Australia to visit my daughter and family. I felt that I must write to say how effective I found the “Spiral of Tranquility™Pendant” during and after all the travelling. I wore the Pendant on a chain round my neck for the whole journey and found myself much more relaxed during the long flight (22 hours!) and I did not suffer from the dreaded jet-lag at all neither upon my arrival nor nor my return home. Whilst in Australia, my daughter and I took part in a horse event and, to get there, had to drive, towing the horse trailer, for several hours on dirt roads in a terrific thunderstorm. I remained pretty unflappable throughout, causing my daughter to remark “can’t think why your so calm, Mum”. I honestly think that it may have been due to the fact that I was again wearing the Pendant round my neck.
This is actually the second time that I have worn the Pendant on a flight to Australia. The first was 6 years ago. That time, I wore it only for the actual flights and again did not suffer from jet-lag. This later trip does, I think, prove that the effect is genuine.