Managing Director, “Supreme” Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Neptune House, Sycamore Trading Estate, Squires Gate Lane, Blackpool, Lancashire FY4 3RL.
“…We moved to the new “Supreme” Manufacturing plant (74,000sq. ft) on 31st March 2001 and you can appreciate that with the dismantling and re-commissioning of the plant machinery, had a few teething troubles. However, our problems seemed to get worse. Machinery just would not work correctly, some machines ended up back with the manufacturer to be modified even though they worked fine at the old plant. Personnel seemed so unhappy even though their working conditions had improved dramatically with state of the art facilities, a new canteen with Internet access, Sky TV, subsidised food and free drinks. Basically we seemed to have a serious problem….
We were prescribed 4 Spirals and 120 MPC chips for the PC’s and mobile phones and other electronic equipment. The parcel arrived on the Wednesday and almost immediately a calm rained over my office. Two days later, I carried out instructions and placed the crystals/gemstones as recommended and straight away there was a calm throughout the whole building. Over the last 4 weeks there has been a marked improvement all round, people are friendlier towards each other, communication between departments has improved and turnover in June was up by 35%. There has been a continued improvement at “Supreme”. Our July turnover increased by 40%, quite remarkable. Let’s see what the bottom line is when the audited accounts are completed but in general all personnel seem to be extremely happy, I would even say happier than they have ever been…”