Lost Science Of The Stone Age


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ISBN: 0-954296-39-7
Publication date: October 2004
Size: 296mm x 210mm.

In Lost Science of the Stone Age Dr. Michael Poynder proves that 5000 years ago the subtle energies that bind all living things were widely understood by an enlightened neolithic priesthood. Stone Age man had an instinctive understanding of the magnetic currents that run through the earth and bind all nature. He used dowsing and rock art to interpret and record this knowledge of metaphysics.
The author’s radical decoding of these ancient earth energies from 3000 BC and their integral connection to the enigmatic and mysterious legacy of that time, the I Ching, will have a profound effect on the way we view our ancestors.
The I Ching is the written, spiritual language of the Stone Age. The 64 hexagrams allied to the 64 codons of the DNA allow us even now to access in a flash of opened consciousness the universality of ‘past’, ‘present’, and ‘future’, as time and space momentarily combine. Then we can ask the eternal question … What is God – Who am I?