My name is Jenny McGann and I am an Amatsu Therapist which is, to the uninitiated a Body Work Therapy that has its origins in the Japanese Martial Arts. I work with Spatial relationships and Linear and Non-Linear patterns within the connective tissue, neural pathways, muscles, ligaments, and generally with the soft tissues of the body.

10 months ago Mary (not her real name) came to me with very weak muscles and severe pain. Nothing I did seemed to make enough of a difference to her, so she was continually returning. 4 months ago I felt I had to change my work practice with her, I performed a few tests and found that it was her Electrical System that was the problem and I just happened to ask her whether she lived underneath an electricity pylon. She said she did, she was aware it wasn’t optimal, but she had little choice. I said she needed something to counteract the magnetic Electrical bombardment. An acquaintance of Mary’s happened to have a spiral and said she would loan it to Mary to see if it made a difference. The next time Mary came back to me there was a remarkable change in her physical body. All her muscles were energized, she was a lot calmer and was coping with the stress in her life much better. The change in her was so great I insisted we research where we could find this spiral and get them for ourselves. We found Kieran O’Kelly in Galway on the internet and ordered both a Spiral for her house and a personal pendant as well. I ordered the same for myself.

I started to use a spiral in my clinic and found that it not only worked on an electrical level, but also on an emotional, physical and environmental level. The one thing the pendant seemed to do to all who wore it, was to re-energize them and they needed less sleep. But as well as the Re-energizing, it works very individually on people, it seems to correct whatever is needed in each individual. My sister, who had been waking each night with panic attacks for years now has none. A friend had a restricted thumb, as soon as she started wearing a pendant the thumb motion regained full movement. My son has been suffering from tiredness and lack of energy for the past 5 years. He now wears the pendant and can go through a day without falling asleep – something he has not been able to do for years. We now have a Spiral in the house as well as wearing the pendant. My brother-in-law, whose job would entail a lot of use of the mobile phone, finds the pendant counteracts the electrical effects of the mobile phone, and his energy is much better.

I would wholeheartedly encourage anyone with low energy to wear a pendant and have the spiral in their home or workplace.