Following the publication in The International Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine (Oct 1999) of the research carried out by Roger Coghill on the effects of mobile phone radiation and the protection offered by The Spiral of Tranquility™ many enquiries were received about how the device works. JACM (Dec 1999) published the following article explaining the scientific significance of its components.

“We are a water planet, without which life cannot exist. Water permeating our environment is the same as blood in our veins, the vital element that is essential for growth and survival. Water carries with it energy in the form of magnetism. It also contains trace elements, picked up on its journey through rocks, fissures and the surrounding countryside. It therefore has unique properties in transmitting information about planet earth. Pure water contains no trace elements and therefore carries no information. This makes it totally dia-magnetic, with a negative polarity. Thus, water that carries information (both beneficial and harmful) is para-magnetic, with a positive polarity.

Unseen atomic patterns manifest as energy forces or vibrations, surrounding us all the time in the atmosphere and forming invisible spirals. Our brain wave patterns are ‘in tune’ with vibrations or frequencies that resonate at the natural ‘beat’ of the earth. This is around 8Hz and is known as the Schumann resonance. Magnetic fields from man-made electrical and electronic appliances, including computers and mobile phones are increasingly distorting our brain’s ability to transmit and receive information, and subsequently damaging our DNA and immune system.

Microwave transmissions and associated transients from aerial relay masts and high voltage power cables also directly destabilise natural magnetic water energies – our most valuable resource upon which our health depends. Furthermore, not only is the subtle energy information carried by water distorted, which we then consume, the earth through which it flows and the air that we breathe has become polluted.

The Spiral of Tranquility™ product was designed to create harmony either in the environment or with an individual’s physical, emotional and mental state. It contains eight gemstones which have been carefully chosen after many years of research to include most of the main trace elements found in water and modern household and office appliances and therefore in our day-to-day lives.

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Two copper spirals (one negative and one positive) bring these elements into the Spiral, by the process of induction, into the atomic structure of the gemstones. This enables the chaotic energy patterns to be effectively scrambled and restored to symmetrical balance. The Spiral, through the magnetic principles of crystal energy, thus balances both para(+) and dia-magnetic(-) polarities. The properties unique to these selected gemstones form an atomic array in a fixed crystal discipline, thereby reorienting energy patterns into their natural Earth Star form.

The Spiral of Tranquility™ uses the perfect subatomic array in the gemstones for balancing purposes. It creates a unified para and dia-magnetic field that harmonises the elemental forces that have become so disrupted that they now endanger the ecosystem of planet earth and the health of individuals. The resulting harmonious, symmetrical field not only deals with geopathic stress caused by fragmented earth and water energies, but enables harmful emissions to be brought down to the level of around 8Hz. The brain is then able to respond as nature intended, promoting reduced fatigue, restored vitality and improved mental and physical well-being”.

Importantly, the effectiveness of individual health treatments and therapies is consequently enhanced with the use of these products.

The Pendant contains the same eight gemstones without the copper spiral, and interacts at a subtle level with the body’s own magnetic field. The link and chain supplied is made of copper, zinc, tin and gold plating, this combination replacing the two copper coils in the Spiral. However, should an individual prefer to wear the Pendant on a tape or cord, it will work perfectly well. Alternatively, worn with a 9ct gold chain, which contains approximately one-third copper, this will enhance its effectiveness.

There are no other products on the market that incorporate all these important crystal aspects. The Spiral & Pendant are unique in their conception, range and effect, are not dependant on any extraneous energising force such as mains electricity or batteries and will last indefinitely.

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