Major Improvement in health of dairy herd and milk test (SCC) results from 900,000 to 220,000 due to Spiral product.

To whom it may concern,
I am a progressive dairy farmer who expanded my herd and built a new milking parlour. I then had serious quality problems with milk and stock.
At this new milking parlour I had great difficulties getting cows in and out and I can only describe the herd’s reaction there as very distressed with health deterioration as time went on. I had serious quality problems with milk testing (SCC) averaging between 800,000 and 900,000.
I had spent a lot of money trying to resolve this problem with no success.
I was then advised to check out Geopathic Stress meaning health damaging radiation in the milking parlour and was lucky to hear about the Spiral of Tranquility™ products.
I placed a “Spiral” product in the milking parlour and was amazed to notice a calmer herd after a few days. After a few weeks the milk (SCC) test result was reduced to a staggering 220,000.
The subsequent health of my stock has improved considerably e.g. out of 70 cows calved in a recent 6 week period I lost 1 calf. At the height of my problems over a similar period, out of 70 cows calved, I lost 5 cows and 12 calves.
My Veterinary expenses have more than halved since resolving this problem.
My own health was affected during this difficult time and I now wear a Spiral of Tranquility™ “Pendant” to protect my health at all times and I feel so much better.
I am delighted with these improvements and would recommend the Spiral of Tranquility™ products to anyone.