Originally, prior to mankind’s recent scientific developments, the Planet Earth’s natural environmental energy lines formed a fine global network of magnetic star shaped patterns. At some time in the past, undoubtedly due to the activities and inventions of mankind, the balance of these patterns was disturbed, resulting in the network disintegrating to form unbalanced magnetic energy lines over large areas of the earth’s surface, creating discord in our environment.

In remote undisturbed areas of the globe i.e. deserts, oceans etc., parts of the original network still exist, enlightening us to the true original nature of these natural energy patterns which once surrounded us. For further details see “Pi in the Sky” chapter 5 by Dr. Michael Poynder.
Pi in the Sky ISBN 1-898256-33-0 is currently sold out from Spiral of Tranquility™ (Galway), but may still be available through your local bookstore even though it is just out of print.