Directions for use of Products


Set the Spiral’s packaging aside. Place the Spiral on a flat wooden surface, such as a shelf, table or cupboard, with the coloured face underneath, where it will not be covered. Ensure that the home or workplace is clear of all loose gemstones (put them away in polythene or remove them permanently) as they will conflict with the gemstones in the unit and inhibit its efficiency. If for any reason you wish to stop the unit from working, simply wrap the Spiral in bubble-wrap polythene and place it in a metal box.



Suspend the Pendant on a tape, cord or chain as supplied or alternatively on a 9ct gold chain and wear around the neck above or beneath a light shirt or blouse. The Pendant will be inhibited from operating properly under a heavy covering of top clothes, especially if made from synthetic materials, or if placed in trouser or coat pockets, purses or handbags. Try not to wear any other gemstone jewellery at the same time. At night, either hang the Pendant up clear of enveloping clothes or place it on a flat wooden surface, so that it can continue working.


MPC (Mobile Protection Chip™)

To use your MPC remove the protective backing and affix to a clean, dry surface on the face of your mobile phone, computer, microwave oven or electronic game.

 Product Cleaning

Use only warm soapy water (hand soap) to clean the external surface of the Spiral or Pendant once a month or as required. Do not use a cleaning detergent as it may cause clouding of the acrylic clear material.