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These products were tested by the international Coghill Laboratory, Gwent, Wales, against the breakdown of blood lymphocytes and found to be significantly effective in protecting against harmful microwave radiation.


The SPIRAL is a highly effective device developed over 25 years by Clive Beadon and Dr. Michael Poynder consisting of eight scientifically selected natural gemstone crystals and two copper induction rings carefully placed within an attractive acrylic body.


The PENDANT contains the same eight gemstones and is specifically produced to counteract COMPUTER STRAIN, JET LAG and other disruptive energies wherever you are working or travelling.

Mobile Protection Chip

MPC (Mobile Protection Chip™) protects you from the harmful effects of magnetic fields created by mobile phones, computers, TV's, microwave ovens and electronic games.

Do you suffer from stress?

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Geopathic Stress

Geopathic means disease of the earth/environment.
Geopathic stress is imposed on the body by exposure to radiation from either manmade or natural sources. Manmade sources include emissions from power lines, transmission masts, microwave ovens, […]


G. C., Cork, Ireland. "The muscle deterioration in parts of my body has stopped and reversed back to almost the original size since installing the Spiral. This has saved my life".

U. M., Galway, Ireland. "Since the Spiral was put into my home I can enjoy a night’s sleep after 25 years of unrest".

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